Baby steps

For some time I have recognized the need to move my journal notes to a blog so I can effectively get through your various spam filters, etc. I even took a course on blogging, but then did not practice what I had learned. Here is another attempt at a beginning.

Walking on the edge of the continent

The most daring thing Jerry and I have done thus far this summer is to make an offer on a small house. As usual, we were a day late and more than a few dollars short, but I have tried to adopt the attitude that if it is meant to be it will happen. We had all sorts of ideas for knocking out the loft shown here to open the house to much more light.

Little house in the meadow

This summer we have joined up with several weekly hiking groups that walk in various areas around Sea Ranch and neighboring towns. The coast is so incredibly beautiful that it is hard to top it for hiking I think.

The Salt Point Loop

Jerry has flown to Phoenix to visit with his friend Bryan who is visiting the Phoenix area for his kid’s soccer competition. They will visit the house in Tucson to see that all is well before he returns here next week. In the meantime I am enjoying the solitude and trying to make good use of my time.

Oh deer!

I hope this posting is a more effective way to reach more of you.

Where I walk the dog

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