Teddy Bears for Voles?

It is now officially the summer of 2012 and I suspect this season to fly by all too fast as do all the seaons now. I guess age compresses time.

Seal-ed with a kiss

Yuma had not brought any voles into the house for days so I was lulled into a dangerous complacency, no longer doing mouth checks at the door. You’d think after awakening to the terrifying sounds of frantic scratching in my shoe during the night I would not soon forget the horrors of rodent infestations. I did teach Kris the fine art of trapping voles in tupperware bowls during her recent stay which may have lead to a certain cockiness on my part in the battle of man vs. vole. Just as I was writing this I looked up to see Yuma tuck something dark and moving behind a drape. Yes, a vole. A baby vole. Being alone I had the choice of leaving the vole to the cat and picking up a bloody mess later or trying to deal with it myself. The bowl trick did not work, too small, too fast. Jerry’s face towel worked though, accompanied by several blood curdling shrieks (designed to help in the herding process). I released the baby to the wild only mildly traumatized, unlike me. Thus far it is man and cat 4, voles 0.

My friend, Kris Castleman, in the Ichabod’s Forest at Sea Ranch

I am a complete Pinterest addict now. Here is my board for those of you who want to check it out. http://pinterest.com/pegasc/ It is a good place to put clever things you find on the web and a place to store beautiful images of all sorts. It is here I got the idea of a teddy bear for my vole from a “rats with teddies” pin.

Summer is here…

It is a good thing Jerry flew to Tucson in time to rescue our yard from a rather large irrigation leak. How is it that the system knows we are gone? In Jerry’s absence I joined the Tuesday hikers for a windy 6.1 mile trek along the Point Arena Lighthouse shoreline. It was a gorgeous day if you could keep your footing in all the wind.

A Blustery Day at Manchester Beach

I am much encouraged by my ability to share posts through this blog so will keep hacking away at refining its features.

I love those ocean breezes blowing through my ?hair?