The Poetry House

I love Fall with that unique golden lighting in the afternoon that seems to appear overnight and the occasional dry leaf tumbling down the road in the wind. The mornings start to routinely feature that chill that foretells even colder mornings a short while ahead.

Fall in the Garden at Del Mar

Before leaving Sea Ranch we had one of our best hikes ever with the Tuesday group. It featured a stroll down a beautiful forested back-country road to the studio of an internationally known sculptor, Bruce Johnson. Bruce is renown for his large-scale wooden pieces.

Artist labeled to avoid confusion

Bruce spent a great deal of time personally touring us through his home, his studio, and his special project, the poetry house, that features poetry buried beneath the woodwork throughout. He even took time to read us a few lines by the incredible author.

The memory of apples

Bruce served as the construction foreman on the Sea Ranch chapel. Those of you who have seen this incredible structure can appreciate the magical nature of his work. His work can be seen further at his website,

I find creative workspaces fascinating

We are home now in Tucson, enjoying a few days of breather (if you can call pruning two to three hours a day a breather) before leaving for WI and MN. The weather here is hot during the day, but beautiful at night. Of course there are the sunrises and sunsets to remind you of one good reason to live here.

Good morning Tucson!

I still shudder when I think about the expenses of a second home and yet, with more and more of my peers suffering grave illness and other incapacitation I think, why wait to do what I want? I can’t take it with me and leaving it behind so often just brings out the worst in people. Besides, we will actually be a bit ahead of the game investing in a real estate asset rather than just renting. It is also a way to diversify my highly focused portfolio, which I have been needing to do, but who know where to invest these days?

Of course my wish list continues to grow as visions of wood floors and coated garage floors float through my head. Good thing I am not living there full-time to think all day about potential improvements. At this point we are not putting the place on the rental market as originally planned and maybe never will since the wear and tear is quite discouraging vs the payback in income.

Farewell Sea Ranch until next year

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  1. Hough, Kathleen says:

    Remember, Peg, Tom put in our hardwood floor and did a lovely job. He ordered the materials from a shop in Wisconsin – lovely, and solid wood. Gabbert’s had quoted us a cost of $15 or $17 psf installed. Tom paid around $3 per square foot and Tom and his son did the work. Certainly its worth explaining to him how the most reasonable and rational way to have the floors done is for Tom to take it on!

    We just got back from the North Shore – leaves were at the peak of color and we had temperatures in the 60’s with sun. WOW!

    Kathleen J. (Kitty) Hough
    Audit Specialist
    Best Buy Stores, Inc.
    Attn: Property Management B-6
    7601 Penn Ave. S.
    Richfield, MN 55423-3645
    ph: 612-291-7486

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