Good Dog Karma

A Dry Wash Near Our Trail

On Wednesday, January 23, my sister, Bonnie, and I set out to hike an out-and-back trail along the Charleau Gap, a well-known extreme ATV trail very near us in Saddlebrooke.  We are trying to hike a 100 miles before she leaves in April.

The weather was warm, (in the 70s), though a bit humid and the road was steeper than we remembered and full of rough loose stone.  We hiked up three miles, passed only once by a Jeep Wrangler.  We had just turned around when the same jeep came back down the mountain.  The guys stopped and said they had been followed back quite a ways by a dog that was about 500 yards behind them.

Of course we could not just leave a dog up on the mountain with no water and little shelter from the elements and predators, so we whistled until he showed, then coaxed him to follow us a ways until he simply collapsed in a heap.  I could at least approach him at that point and was able to read a collar he was wearing (thank goodness a phone and name were on it and the top of a mountain generally affords good cell service).

We rigged together a belt and walking stick into a make-shift leash and led the dog down the mountain with lots of encouraging words to keep him moving.  The owner had arranged for someone to pick it up at the trailhead.  The Owner’s  story was that the dog had only been lost for a day, but its physical  condition and exhaustion made it appear it had been on its own longer than that.  Must be the toll the desert takes.

Anyway, we now have a karmic blessing from the rescued dog.  We have also vowed to add a rope and collapsible water bowl to our hiking gear just in case…

Peg and the Karmic Hound

The road in front of our house has been completely dug up and, true to form, the construction crew hit a gas main.  Next thing we know there are firemen with gas masks and meters swarming through the house taking readings on the gas level.

I told Jerry, as I prepared to evacuate, that if the house blew that would resolve the dilemma over when and if to downsize.  He thought it might look peculiar if we and the pets were suspiciously missing in action when the house blew.

Living in a Construction Zone is a Gas

Fortunately the leak was resolved, but I told Jerry the opportunity for an instant relocation probably still remained.

Last week we had winter (in the twenties) and this week we are into heavy Spring with record breaking warm temps in the 80s for Tucson.  It mirrors my moods, up and down.  Hope all your days are sunny.

A Twisted Saguarro

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