The acrid scents of autumn, reminiscent of slinking beasts (D.H. Lawrence)


I find it far preferable to blog contemporaneously with my travels and photo taking which  has not been possible for some months due to technical difficulties (which shall remain nameless… Jerry).   So now I am digging back through the archives for some catch-up, recalling events and thoughts from memory, no small task in these waning years.

Peg and the Minnesota State Bird (Mosquito)

In October we visited some of my family in northern Minnesota and were able to take in part of the First City of Arts Studio Cruise on a very dreary and rainy day.  This sculptor’s yard and workshop held  an astounding array of  sculptures and raw material, “art-in-the making”.

There be Dragons here…

I found it quite stimulating to just walk around the rather jumbled grounds, discovering treasures in every corner and under foot.

A Little Face Time

This gray rainy day

I find my identity

In the fallen leaves

Al Belleveau, Sculptor

I have had the pleasure this year of seeing the internal workings of two separate sculptor’s studios. which makes me want to go out and weld and carve things.

The Illusive Colors of Autumn

Late October is not the primo time to tour northern Minnesota, but we did manage to enjoy ourselves. the good company making up for the gloomy weather.

Keep On Truckin’

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