The June-sky of Winter

Note to Self:  Beware the trail which description starts “this relentless uphill climb…”.

On Saturday, Feb. 23rd, Bonnie and I ventured to Finger Rock, taking advantage of our wintry temps to tackle this “vigorous hike.”  We did about 3.5 miles of the 6 miles planned before I pooped out due to carrying about ten pounds of water on my back and three extra, unnecessary outer garments around my middle.

We should have taken note that the finger only points up hill, not down hill.
We should have taken note that the finger only points up hill, not down hill.

Being the compulsive sorts that we are, we feel compelled to  do a remedial hike midweek to make up for our falling short on miles this week.   We are still not at our halfway goal and have only two months left to complete over fifty miles.

Twisted saquaro cactus

This week I am told we will move from our Arctic-like temps up to the 80s by Saturday.  Needless to say we have been a bit whip lashed by our winter weather extremes this year.

The Arctic-like sunrise in Saddlebrooke

Hiking with Bonnie is like hiking with McGyver.  I am convinced she can whip our of her sleeve a five course sit-down meal with china on command given her already coming to the rescue during our hikes with a jerry-rigged dog leash, a collapsible back pack capable of holding a plethora of excess gear, and assorted other magical lifesavers such as chilled grapefruit slices.

An unhelpful bull, last seen laughing uproariously as we toddled off to a dead end precipice.

We are working on compiling the perfect desert, all-weather hiking supplies list.  I think at some point it will involve independent fashion design by Bonnie since we are not quite able to find the perfect hiking vest that will hold enough of the the above-mentioned McGyver gear.

Javelina, aka peccary, skunk pig. Related to the hippopotamus, not the pig.

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The golf course from our breakfast room.

2 thoughts on “The June-sky of Winter

  1. Nona Leeper says:

    Wonder pics and commentary, though I’m not quite clear on her sleeve secrets. I’ve wanted to hike the wash from Catalina north to the south end of del Oro thingy. Would take
    two cars.

  2. bcwheat08 says:

    Great pics (and essay) as always. Loved the snow on the hills, I’ve not had my quota the last two years. Speculating on how long your lens was to get the Javelina. Either a long lens, or a well fed peccary. The ones I’ve encountered hunting never let me get closer than about 50 yards. Also speculating if “Finger Rock” is a forefinger.

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