Sea Ranch Summer 2013

Well here we are, safely ensconced in the Smiling Fox at the Sea Ranch in northern California.  Our trip with the great big trailer in tow was without incident but for our 8 hour delay due to Yuma’s going AWOL.  Traveling on the weekend paid big dividends as we sailed effortlessly through Phoenix,  LA and SFO without hitting any major traffic.

Sky-blue meadows waiting to be traversed

We arrived after traveling  1010 miles from Tucson to find unseasonably warm, clear weather on the coast.  It is the bane of the firefighters around here, but very welcome to us as we commenced digging out of the chaos left last Fall when the house was closed up.  After hacking away at it for a week we are making good inroads and the place is once again resembling a home.

The other morning Pongo and I walked down the road to view the fire prevention sheep herd only to find they had escaped and were being herded by dog and shepherd back up the road toward us at full gallop.  How exciting!  Pongo would not deign to look at the skilled little dog heading up the charge, as if to do so would give him too much credit for this very impressive skill set sadly lacking in Chinese Cresteds..

Is this what they call “being on the lamb?”

Pongo has also made the point that she is, indeed, a beach dog at heart.  She moped around for two full days after we arrived until I took her over to our old beach haunt for a run.

Is this the way to China?

Jerry and I attended an Emergency Services Forum at the Sea Ranch at which representatives of the Sheriff’s, Coastal Rescue, and Fire Departments spoke about staying safe in this wilderness we now call home.  Since this seems to be the season of the dead abalone diver (4 in an 8 day period), their chief advice seemed to be steer clear of killer abs.  Tough sport, that.  I myself can be satisfied with a good  local crab cake and need not indulge in that other over-priced exotic mollusk.

The Friday night’s special at Trinks, crab cakes with red pepper aioli

Since the house demands are slowing we were able to get out to our first yoga class and to a feature of Oscar Nominated Short Animated Movies .  A nice reminder of the eclectic activities available to us here.

Quite the contrast from the vegetation on my morning walk in the desert.

Our first guests arrive on Sunday. let the festivities begin!


2 thoughts on “Sea Ranch Summer 2013

  1. bcwheat08 says:

    Glad the trip went well. From what we hear back here, keep the fire buckets topped up, and don’t think any “hot” thoughts. Does this mean a single residence, or still a seasonal relocation? From the pics (especially of the coastline [beach? Nah, that’s what happens at S. Padre, you’ve got the marvelous attraction of “coastline”], I don’t think I’d have any trouble being in your forest year round. It’s gorgeous.

  2. Hough, Kathleen says:


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    Audit Specialist
    Best Buy Stores, Inc.
    Attn: Property Management B-6
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