Salting the Anacondas

It is fair to say that May 10th this year was a very bad day for several of us.  We were on a trek to Manchester State Beach north of here where Amalie was unceremoniously clobbered by a line drive compliments of her mother simultaneously with our car being broken into with the theft of my purse (all ID and credit cards) and Jerry’s tablet computer, etc.  I am still in shock and very much depressed, but trying to stay focused on these are just temporary set backs compared to some others face.

The “crowned princess” Amalie

I did lose my travel cash and driver’s license so am probably going to cancel my trip to Crater Lake.  I don’t think I can fly home without the airllne ID matching my ticket, but I may check just because it would be good to leave here for awhile.

The would-be lovely Manchester Beach

My sister Nancy and niece Karlin, and daughter (the aforementioned crowned Princess) visited for several days.  Nancy helped me get some flowers planted for color so now it is up to me to fend off the hoardes of Anacondas (my word for these huge banana slugs) that I can hear munching in the dark at night.  I encouraged Amalie, if bored, to go to the garden and salt them since they dissolve in salt.  Is that too cruel?

Where’s that salt shaker?

My sisters Sue and Mary arrive tonight and hopefully our time together will be mush less eventful but fun.  I did see a mountain lion was spotted strolling near the chapel a mile south of here.  Maybe he will pop up in our forest.  Do you suppose he eats slugs?

At home nestled by the fire, safe from larcenous youth and anacondas

4 thoughts on “Salting the Anacondas

  1. Tom Hanson says:

    Sorry to hear about the breakin and theft. Try the folloing for your unwanted garden visitors: For the sake of our environment, please try some of these safe and simple methods to get rid of your slug problem… before you resort to chemical warfare. A little frost overnight last night but bright and sunny this a.m. with many feathered friends stopping by – Orioles, Rose breasted grossbeak, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Mr. Wren, Cardinals, Wood Thrush, assorted Sparrows, Goldfinch, House finch, Mallards, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers, Red winged Blackbird, Gray catbird, Crows. . . . The other indigents have lined up at the back door waiting for their handouts. Kitty says hi! Her cast comes off Monday so I will finally get a hot meal around here. Take care.


  2. bcwheat08 says:

    Really rough day, that eye looks like it’s still painful. My cars have been broken into a total of 7 times over the last 35 years or so, you have my sympathy. Re: Slugs, this my be interesting to you, never having seen a banana slug, I went searching and found several things–
    Banana Slugs – Great Prices and Huge Selection is rated

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    From a forum website,, came this tidbit, illustrated
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    Chef #1175051
    Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:47 pmNewbie “Fry Cook” Poster
    Old thread, but others may stumble upon it while researching this subject. The answer, at least for banana slugs in the NW is “Yes!”:

    I’m not sure I’m ready to try them, but I’ve often thought about it.

    Read more:
    If you take a snail and remove the shell, isn’t a slug what you have left?
    Love escargot.

    Better days–


  3. bcwheat08 says:

    Ouch! That sounds like a really rough day all around. I’ve had my car broken into 7 times over the last 35 years or so, so I’ve got a lot of empathy with that “down” feeling. Re: Banana slugs. I’ve never seen one so I did a bit of searching. I figured that if you take a snail and remove its shell what you’ve got left is a slug, and I really love escargot. Here’s some of the things I turned up–(Rickshaw Unschooling is illustrated with detailed photos)

    1. Are *slugs edible*? ? – Yahoo! Answers… – Cached – Similar Well yes they are but you don’t want to eat them raw because they carry some rare kind of parasite that causes Meningitis. Also I found out that *…* 2. Rickshaw Unschooling: Wild Food: Killing our Own Meat…/wild-food-killing-our-own-meat.html – Cached – Similar Oct 16, 2007 *…* And today we harvested *slugs*. Yes — *slugs*. Banana *slugs*. We, the intrepid harvesters of all foods wild and *edible *, tromped out in the dark, *…*


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    Here’s to better days–

    *Bill Wheat* * *

  4. Denise Dickson says:

    What a way to start the summer!!! You must feel as bad/worse than poor little Amalie looks! Her recovery will be easier. Enjoy the time with your sisters. Greet them for me. I am sure the rest of your summer will be much better! Love, Deni

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