In the Cottage of the Happy Monster…(Odd Hours by Dean Koontz)

Think calm, restful thoughts

Our new mailing address at the Sea Ranch is 333 Fish Hook, PO Box 252, The Sea Ranch, CA  95497.

Lately I have been mulling a lot about old age and pondering what purpose the ennui, aches and pains may serve.  I have concluded  for myself that these types of experiences in our senior years may serve a similar purpose to those inevitable conflicts young people experience with their parents, helping one to ease toward moving on and out.

A feather in the forest

The forest here is full of odd sounds.  There is a bird, I think, that sounds like a kitten mewing.  I even called “kitty kitty” until I realized I was hearing kitties in various different parts of the forest.  The trees creak too, but one day I could swear it went beyond that and  I heard one muttering .  It is a tad eerie.

Velvet horns

We have a few odd neighbors.  One native plant zealot spends hours on her knees with a tweezers eliminating non-native grasses from the common area near us.  I cannot see what it is she is removing and think her efforts might be more meaningful if she focused on the large, invasive Scottish thistle which is plentiful here.  Unfortunately, like many enthusiasts, she seems to have lost her sense of humor along the way.

In the forest there is magic

We picked up a wood smoke infused hitchhiker the last trip over the hills to Healdsburg.  I was driving, and as Kris Castleman will swear, I never passed a hitchhiker I didn’t think I should pick up.  Daryl was his name, and he resembled the brothers Daryl, Daryl and Daryl from the old Newhart show.  He walks everywhere and had spent the night in the woods because he got caught short of home with no cars along the one-lane road to his place, thus the campfire odor that clung to him.  His fishing rod was as big as he was.  He was spindly and gimp-legged, but personable enough, regaling us with improbable tales of roving herds of wild boar numbering in the hundreds, and running over a porcupine that flattened all his tires (sounds a bit Paul Bunyanish if you ask me).  He did extend an invite for Jerry to go Boar hunting with him and for both of us to join him and his friends for a 4th of July “cook out”.  I suspect there might not be many teeth among those attending the party, so we might give that one a pass.

Spring in the Del Mar Garden

I must say this in retrospect; maybe one should not pick up hitchhikers who make proud claims to having a “family cemetery just along the road here…”

Rest awhile in these hills

After a rather negative beginning to our summer we are working extra hard to turn it around.  I have threatened more than once to put the Smiling Fox Retreat back on the market out of frustration at the level of work required to maintain this extra abode.  My volunteering at the Mendocino Botanical Garden was a bit of a bust too.  I ended up tying ribbons to chairs alone in a huge tent, no chance to see the gardens or visit with other volunteers.  I may still give it another try on a more garden-like assignment.

Mendocino summer

On a more positive note, we are participating  in yoga and other exercise programs more diligently which should help our bodies and our moods and progress is being made on the house’s organization.  We have also had time to attend the occasional art fair, film festival and lecture.

Orca glass at the Gualala Fine Arts Fair

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  1. bcwheat08 says:

    Sea Ranch is being good for you. There is more “musing” in this text, and it is up to the always high quality of your photography. Much fun. Look forward to more.


  2. Nona Leeper says:

    Was it because of your “garden party hat” or the lack of…that you weren’t allowed out of the tent!? Have fun with the ribbons if there is a next time….a few twigs, leaves and flowers in the knot!

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