A column of dull silence in a cube of dark twilight (Philip Larkin: Collected Fragments)

Perhaps there is no good day to encounter a dead deer on the beach, but certainly on a grey, grim, dripping morning, it is not the sort of thing that lifts one up out of the doldrums.  Oh well, when handed lemons, make lemonade…


We attended the National Theater’s production of The Audience, starring Helen Mirren at the Pt. Arena cinema.  The production was very good but did not quite capture being in the theater live.  Still, it is nice to see really seasoned actors at work in a theatrical production (this one having to do with the Queen’s standing one-on-one appointments each Tuesday with the serving Prime Minister).

That golden evening light when the sun graces our presence

Since the dripping days are continuing we are seeing lots of movies.  Last night it was The Company You Keep with Robert Redford.  My how we all age, even the prettiest of us.  The funny thing is that hose youngsters out there (as we did in our time)  all believe it won’t happen to them.

Now you see why Lumix #3 is being permanently retired. The unretouched spots are not dirt on the lens surface that can simply be wiped off.

Monday I skipped yoga in favor of a 3+ mile walk wherein I tried to get my speed up to 15- minute miles.  I just missed.  Don’t know how much more effort it will take to get the few seconds shaved off on a consistent, pain-free basis, but I will have to work on it.

The splendid sunset from Kris’ house

Listening to Jazz Vocals 1 playlist on Sp0tify.com on a rainy day is sort of soothing.  I know my internal beasts start gnawing at the bars the second day of captivity due to rain and such nostalgic vocals seem to calm them.  Of course I can always contemplate life in sunny Tucson,  which I hear is about to set records for a triple digit June.  Not.

We call him/her Duffy after duff; the word for the rusty debris that falls from the trees here)

We head out to an exciting day of hair salon and Costco down the coast tomorrow.  Don’t underestimate how much a thrill that can be, especially accompanied by a reading of Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz.  The reader is good and the macabre story is quite funny in parts.  Jerry enjoys it too so I got the remaining books we had not listened to for just such journeys.

Another master of the macabre, well known hereabouts for his filming of the Birds at Bodega Bay

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  1. THOMAS DOIG Owner says:

    Hi Peg,

    Love the little fox “Duffy”.  The rain is getting to me too.  It’s been really dreary here.  But, we’re supposed to jump up to 90 by the weekend.  I’m not sure that’s a great trade off either.


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