The Poets Are At Their Windows (Billy Collins)

I read an interesting thing in the Sartorialist.    This blogger suggests that  instead of being shocked by  fashion we should take the opportunity to recognize that  people “dress the part” and observe them on that level, absorbing for ourselves what elements we might incorporate for  own roles.  He claims that would make us all less judgmental and more  “visually greedy.”  I like the concept of being visually greedy since that is what photographic art is about.  Maybe that is why fashion photography always intrigued me so much.

Visual Greed

We keep having surprise lightning storms at night.  I thought those things passed with the arrival of summer on the coast.  After the last storm exploded a tree near us on the golf course here I am a bit more on edge about any storm’s potential.

Morning Sun at the Smiling Fox

Our gesture to a  Fourth of July celebration was to participate  in the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence on the beach at Sea Ranch, a nice, small-town tradition.  Some people brought appetizers to share including our friend, Christine, the consummate English person, presenting quite lovely scones with strawberry jam.

A Sea Ranch Fourth

Jerry and hiked over to where Christine and Jamie are renting, then, from there, to the beach, then back home again.  In total we logged about 6.5 miles.  Pretty good for two old codgers on a warm summer’s day.  We arrived home in time for a gourmet chicken pot pie from the freezer, nothing spared for the Fourth!

Another Fine Day on the Coast

Jerry and I will next  return to our house stripping/staining project now that the holiday is over.  The end is not quite in sight, but hope springs eternal.

The Road Home on the 4th

2 thoughts on “The Poets Are At Their Windows (Billy Collins)

  1. Nsorenso says:

    I too like the notion of visual greediness. It has great explanatory value for me. Explains why I spent my study halls in the library browsing through Vogue, among other things. Maybe even sketching chickens!

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  2. bcwheat08 says:

    For someone smitten with fashion photography, you sure do a great job of sucking up (until the straw gurgles in the bottom of the cup) such things as “The Road Home on the 4th”, “Morning Sun at the Smiling Fox”, or–especially–“Visual Greed”. Never heard of the concept “visual greed” before, but it clearly describes the drive of anyone who uses a camera for more than a paperweight. That unwillingness to let go of a mind’s-eye image, carried to the point of literality; of being able to hold the image in one’s hand, captured as seen and understood, and, yes, imagined. I think that’s the epitome of “photographer”.

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