We all know we’re going to die, it’s just that none of us believe it….( from Tuesdays with Morrie)

Back to the Bay Area and points north,  our home away from home

The new Bay Bridge Span gleaming in the afternoon’s light

We have reinstated our routines now that we are back at Sea Ranch and not sailing into a new port each day.  Our exotic people watching is confined to  local hangouts like Bones Roadhouse.

Give that dog a Bones…

Our cultural outlets  are the play at the Barn (Tuesdays with Morrie (very well done);

No photos during the performance, please.

the Dog Daze event in Gualala;  at which  all local dogs have an equal chance of winning best of show even if they are nowhere near the caliber found  in refined show circles; 

Maybe next year Pongo will have the skill set necessary to compete in musical hoopsP1120308P1120327

and, the  Point Arena Pintos event.


The saga goes that a woman, whose neighbor’s wild horses knocked down her fence, ended up adopting them and taming the wild beasts.  They now have a book , a website (http://photographycreated.com/ ) and a blog (http://pointarenapintos.blogspot.com/ )  to their credit and are quite reknown in the area but rarely seen.


This event allowed us to get close to the owner, trainer and  horses, but, after you have met the horses and watched one circle a pen with a trainer for about an hour, the thrill is somewhat diminished.


What I found almost more intriguing than the horses was this large “family compound” located in the remote hills high above Point Arena.  What kind of people are these who could actually embrace so much family in so close a proximity?

There was a massive wooden walkway off the front of this house, purpose unknown. Beauty pageant practices?

And so… the stories just never stop.

Even ordinary beauty is intriguing

One thought on “We all know we’re going to die, it’s just that none of us believe it….( from Tuesdays with Morrie)

  1. bcwheat08 says:

    I always think what you refer to as “ordinary beauty” is very scalable, depending on the individual, number of exposures, etc. The remarkable stuff out the front door (if you live away from a subdivision of “little boxes” like I do, or Sea Ranch so obviously is) becomes “ordinary” after a few years (or less for some people), familiarity breeds not necessarily contempt, but certainly complacently accepted (sort of “oh yeah, THAT old thing”) . I’ve yet to see anything I’d consider remotely ordinary in anything you’ve ever posted, I know that at least with a camera in your hands you “see” as I flatter myself that I do. That’s the basis for the appreciation of your work, a vicarious ego trip. Speaking of the not-so-beautiful ordinary, any establishment that lets patrons bring a leashed dog (assuming that particular one is not a “service” dog) in for company while sipping a pint is the kind of place I can get really comfortable in, really quickly.

    I’ve never seen a performance of “Tuesdays”, I have Albom’s book on the shelf downstairs and it is super. If the stage work is as good as the made for TV movie was reputed to be, I’d have to think you were very well entertained.

    * BW *

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