Everywhere, blank white movies wait to be seen. (Jim Harrison, The Presents)

The colors of Fall are not just in the leaves

Why it is that I continue to think by simply moving away for six months to a new location I will somehow carry out all the listed tasks and ignored to-dos that I have accumulated throughout the remainder of the year?  Clearly there is no success precedent for this fantastical thinking, and yet I indulge myself year after year.  This year is no exception.

I have not mastered walking the 15 minute mile regularly.  I did not engage in a regular yoga practice (or strength training, or stretching, and so on…).  I did not read the large pile of books I managed to collect over the few months I have been here.  I did not expand my photo skills nor my social skills.  I did not volunteer other than for a couple small exceptions.  I did not entertain the few people I do know here that I could have entertained.

I did not paint the interior of the house.  I didn’t train the dog to be more obedient.  I ate too much chocolate and not enough spinach.  Face it, I am running out of places to escape to in this never-ending search for “accomplishment.”

Here it is Fall and the skies are that clear glowing blue and there is the smell of decaying leaves on the forest floor , and  that exhilarating combination of life and decay makes me start chomping at the bit again.  Maybe when I get back to Tucson I can….

Remind me again, what day is Thanksgiving?

Things are really quiet in Gualala now that the tourist prime season is past.  It will stay that way pretty much until the Thanksgiving rental hordes descend.  We spend most of our days packing up the house and tending to  last chores before closing it up for the season.

Wave action on the north coast

We have already seen some Fall rains and there have been high wave and “sneaker wave” warning signs posted on the bluff lately due to storms out at sea.  I like the idea of a wave trying to sneak up on someone, but admit it is pretty darn scary when they are successful.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Pongo and I are making our morning walks a little more aggressive to get back into shape for the daily 3 mile walks I generally do in Tucson.  Distance rather than speed is our goal since we are still distracted by photo ops and various dog-centered reasons for stopping every few feet on the trail.

Is this the moment you meant to live in?

Whoever said “live in the moment” forgot to leave specific instructions.


3 thoughts on “Everywhere, blank white movies wait to be seen. (Jim Harrison, The Presents)

  1. bcwheat08 says:

    Careful how you define “accomplishment”. One standing at a greater arms length might well envy all you have done in not accomplishing the stated goals.

    The “Light at the end of the Tunnel” is pure magic.

    *Bill Wheat* * * (636) 671-0477

    *Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.

    As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities.* * Voltaire*

  2. Hough, Kathleen says:

    But Peg, you experience and celebrate all the wonders of this world and life on it (all creatures great and small, all of the flora, and the supposedly inanimate* infrastructure of this world) and bring so much of that enjoyment to all of us on your list. This is a huge accomplishment and an incredible “thank you” to whoever or whatever made this all happen.

    *I’m not convinced that fire, water, earth and air are inanimate-humans simply haven’t figured out how to communicate with them.

    You may not have painted the interior of the house, but you painted beautiful pictures and words for many people. TU!!!!!
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