Chastity Belts for Squash Blossoms

Saturday was a perfect Fall day to drive up  scenic Highway 1 to Mendocino to attend my seed harvesting course.   The drive is spectacular even though it was a bit dark as I headed out. It was there I learned how to make a chastity belt for squash.  Turns out these vegetables are quite promiscuous if left to their own devices.

Pre-dawn at Sea Ranch

The course was taught by a very enthusiastic nursery woman and populated by your usual colorful assortment of back-to-the-earth types from Mendocino County.  Fortunately they were quite interesting and didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time trying to “out green” each other.

A class full of earnest seed-savers

Jerry was to have come up the coast with me but begged off sick, so I was left to my own devices, never a bad thing for me when I am in proximity to a good nursery and a good independent bookstore.  Both of these are readily available in this area.

Mendocino Botanical Garden, not to be missed

I know most of my friends think the last thing I need is another book, but how can I resist a novel described by the New York Times Book Review as…“Gripping…Meticulous…Full of tenderness and looming menace.”?  It sounds to me like it has  the prerequisite combination of quirky characters and a little mystery that I thirst for in a new read. And then there is another  book described by another critic as “combining tragedy and humor more skillfully than any novel I have read in years.” Tell me these books don’t beckon to you from their shelves, begging to come home and open your eyes to entirely new worlds.

The drive up the coast. Hey! Keep your eyes on the road!

t took us until the end of summer, but we finally made it to the Thursday Hiking Group last week.

The Thursday Ramblers

The hike was  on private timber company land  so we wanted to explore the new, otherwise forbidden, terrain.  It was an easy ramble along an abandoned  logging road down to the Gualala River for a quick lunch.  The  hike itself was quite short, less than three miles, more like a lovely stroll.

A well-mannered picnic dog, Foxy

It was a perfect day for hiking though, cool and crisp, with leaves falling like snow from the trees into the river.

The South Fork of the Gualala River with some hard-to-find water

Our weather now is spectacular as we had hoped it would be in October.  It promises to stay that way as we wrap up our last chores on this end and head back into the desert.

Someone had better tell him all good things come to an end
The neighbors are in the Halloween spirit

2 thoughts on “Chastity Belts for Squash Blossoms

  1. bcwheat08 says:

    Great post, both pictures and text. Re: TITLE–Have you considered offering your services to the local paper as a headline writer?

    Re: TEXT–BOOKS–and they can’t beckon from shelves (or smell, or let you feel the texture of the pages between your finger) if the words appear behind a backlighted sheet of gorilla glass. “Paper-White”? Not for me.

    * BW

    * * * * *

  2. THOMAS DOIG Owner says:

    Hi Peg,

    You’ll have to tell us about the “chastity belts” for squash blossoms.  I loved the raccoon pic. 
    See you soon.  Safe travels.


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