Back in the Saddle-brooke

The waves never leave

We bade farewell to the Sea Ranch for another season on October 26th, our car packed to the gills.

One last stroll on Walk On Beach at the Sea Ranch on a fine October’s afternoon

Our staying through October for the “good weather” panned out with lovely sunny, warm days.  Actually, the entire summer was quite pleasant with less marine layer than I recall.

The Eastern Sierras are full of color this time of year

We chose to take the Eastern route down the Sierras* since it is very pretty this time of the year, not too much further, and skirts most of the LA Basin which, to the most part, is not picturesque.  The traffic is light and the roads are mostly good.

The Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California, the site for filming many westerns in years past

Apparently we were just ahead of one of the  first winter storms in the Sierras that dumped 4-14 inches of snow with high winds.  Another lucky break for us.

Mono Lake at dusk from afar

Jerry and I arrived back in Saddlebrooke without incident but with sore butts after two days of 12 hour driving and related activity  We got in around 8:30 pm last Sunday .

A late October Arizona sunset

We arrived home to beautiful Arizona sunsets and an overgrown garden, one of my first priorities on the vast “To Do” list.  Our home weathered the summer well enough, but after several rattle snake sightings and a few toppled trees our house sitter dubbed ours the “house from hell”, so we will have to earn our way out of that honor next year.

One of the Mountain View Clubhouse seating areas

Friday we did a pre-opening tour of the new Mountain View Clubhouse remodel with about 2000 other residents.  The place is much brighter than before and has several nice, new features including a coffee bar, 7 days’ operation for all three meals, and lots more TVs for those who like to watch sports in a crowd.

Clubhouse bar/coffee service area with WiFi

It was a reminder of how nice the amenities are here  at Saddlebrooke for a reasonable homeowners’ fee.  In our part of the complex (there are two homeowners’ associations within the 5000 home complex), we have three clubhouse-pool-gym complexes plus an informal pro shop/restaurant combination.  The other Association in Saddlebrooke and the complex five miles up the road also have clubhouse-pool-gym combinations to which we have access.

Mountainview Clubhouse dining room view

The Pinal County clerk of court finally caught up with me and I  am off next Friday on a grand jury summons.  I hope they kick me off the panel, but I am less optimistic than I might be since I think they like  lawyers for criminal matters (is it because we think like criminals?).  Anyway, when I googled some information on the service requirements I encountered some rather colorful stories of a recent death threat scare against the grand jury foreman in this same county so I imagine service could be colorful.

I’ll make use of that garden detritus. (A Cactus wren on the ocotillo in our back yard)

*I am aware the proper moniker is Sierra not Sierras, but the later is much more commonly used, so I made a conscious decision to be incorrect.

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One thought on “Back in the Saddle-brooke

  1. bcwheat08 says:

    Heave a sigh for the missing surf, but there isn’t anything quite like a desert sunset whether AZ or TX (even those seen looking out across that missing surf). Maybe “Sierra’s”, when heard, is correctly written with the apostrophe because of what the Sierra possesses (grandeur, awe, a certain part of one’s heart, etc.), just sayin’…


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