Well, Hello Dolly!

The excitement this week was my sister Bonnie’s not so near-miss in a golf cart vs. car face-off.  She lost in the golf cart, but is doing well after 17 stitches in the head and multiple bruises. ” The good thing is that while her head was open they were able to verify the presence of a brain” reports my brother-in-law.

Car vs. golf cart (golf cart loses)

This weekend we checked Pongo dog  into a kennel and escaped to Phoenix for a little distraction.

My friend, Kate Takacs, and I set out to do the annual Marjon Ceramics event (sales and demonstrations of ceramics work).   Although,  lured by the siren call of  magical sounding glaze finishes, we exerted exemplary discretion over our purchasing impulses.

Waiting to become art

Being discriminating with our time and money left us with lots of time to find other diversions before we met the guys, so we set off to tour the model homes near a development in which Kate and Jim’s daughter is building a new home.  Our day of shopping could have been a lot more expensive at this location.

The gilded promise of a model home

The evening found us at a very bloody movie, Lone Survivor, then at a very chi chi pizza parlor, Grimaldi’s (highly recommended).  Our goal for the weekend was a cruise on the steamboat Dolly along Canyon Lake in the Tonto Forest.

Naturally occurring establishing shot

Canyon Lake is part of the scenic Apache Trail drive that takes about five hours to complete.  We will have to do the entire loop at a later date when time permits.

Kate at the helm

The lake  is part of a small chain of lakes  on the Salt River (east of Phoenix) surrounded by craggy cliffs that are home to many mountain sheep.

A sheep family including baby

We were most fortunate to have a number of mountain sheep sightings, some of the best recently said the ship’s  narrator, although none of the sheep plummeted from the cliffs as had occurred during past cruises.

King of the Hill

Canyon Lake  is only about an hour and a half north of where we live so may become a regular destination to which we take visitors.

Ship-board eye candy

3 thoughts on “Well, Hello Dolly!

  1. Lynne Ingalls says:

    I’m glad to hear your sister is ok. That would be scary – battling it out with a car. I hadn’t heard of the steamboat, Dolly. But, I’ve only lived here 40 years! Lets get together one day for lunch.

  2. bcwheat08 says:

    There’s another Canyon Lake between Austin and San Antonio; vastly different scenery. Glad to hear Bonnie is okay. Gotta pick your mechanical confrontations carefully!

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