Paint Something Pretty

Yesterday marked  the first day of summer, 2014, and the one week mark for our arrival at Sea Ranch.

A not-quite-gibbous moon

Jerry and I  left Tucson a little later this year, affording me the opportunity to fly to Minnesota to celebrate my Dad’s 90th birthday with family and friends before joining Jerry and the pets in Rohnert Park for the last leg up the coast to the Smiling Fox, our summer headquarters.

One small portion of the extended family gathered to celebrate Dad’s 90th. Dad is third from the left.

Apparently I left both Tucson and Minnesota in the nick of time.  Minnesota experienced flooding right after I left and Tucson was heading into its twentieth plus days in a row of over 100 degrees.

An early summer coast

We found  the Smiling Fox in good shape with  mice not pouring cartoon-like out of every crevice as we had envisioned after cautionary warnings from my niece, Karlin, who had spotted scat where there should have been a cat.

Living Room of the Smiling Fox

That said, I am pretty sure we will have to set a trap line.  Yuma’s search and destroy skills are sadly remiss in the mouse department, at least thus far.  His first face-to-face meeting with a mouse completely stumped him.  He had no idea what to do with the mouse so he finally just sat on it.  That is not an ineffective extermination strategy given his heft.

Bowling Ball Beach near Point Arena

I recently set a goal of walking six miles daily six days a week.  It will be tricky meeting that goal this week as we travel to a wedding in Chico.  Guess I will have to work on banking some extra miles when I can.  At least I am not confined to the pre-dawn hours for hiking here as I was in Tucson.  That said, I am still on the trail early most mornings taking advantage of my early bird inclinations.

The quiet hours of morning

We have found a  place to board Pongo on the coast which will free us up more for some trips away during the summer.  They may even take care of Yuma for our longer trips.

Where’s Pongo?

The weather has been lovely the entire week, low seventies and sunny.  The only drawback is the strong onshore breeze.  I need to find that woman I once met up here who said she loved the wind and sign up for her Wind Appreciation 101 course.

Another pleasant day of ocean breeze

As for summer resolutions, we are off to a good start.  We began our yoga class and went on one hike with the hiking group here as well as starting our 50 mile trail challenge at the Sea Ranch.  We have dedicated Saturday to cleaning so we can have Sunday’s off with no official chores.  We have many more resolutions that will be addressed in  good time…

Move towards the light


Film recommendation (just for you Karlin, ambiguous with essentially no closure): Locke.



4 thoughts on “Paint Something Pretty

  1. karlinsorenson says:

    Glad the micies didn’t take over!
    Love visual picture of Yuma sitting on the mouse!

  2. Maureen Barry says:

    Hi Peg….we sure enjoyed seeing you and your family last week. No matter how much time we have, it never seems like enough. Did you happen to get a picture of your Dad with his sisters? I got just one and it didn’t turn out very good. If you have one, would you email it to me?

    Take care! Maureen

    Sent from my iPad


  3. bcwheat08 says:

    Great photography as always, I’d never have thought your Dad was 90 from the picture. Having had a mouse infestation during a long absence, I’m very glad that didn’t happen. Envy you the seaside temps. The Mississippi just doesn’t do much in that respect.

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