Plain Geometry (The Simple Intrigue of Shapes)

One of the challenges I wanted to pose for myself this summer was focusing more on the creative aspect of my photography.

I have been particularly intrigued with the minimalism school of photography where so little often says so much.  I  decided maybe if I focused on simple (plain) things (shapes), that would be a good start.

Take this snake for instance…


He had a nice sense of geometry, sort of shaped in death like he sounded in life, ssssss.  I was also particularly intrigued with the neat slice in his neck, no doubt inflicted by an avian opportunist. His simple form told a whole story of life and death.  I decided he might be a good place to start .

Next I encountered this intriguing leaf


It was standing in a rather odd upright position with this perfect hole cut into it.  It didn’t say anything other than “look at this perfect hole in my otherwise gorgeous shape”, it just interested me.

Another leaf had a similar interesting juxtaposition of parts and played nicely against the texture of the road I thought.  It almost seemed like it was posing as “road-kill leaf.”


Okay, you say, but these aren’t pretty pictures, what is the point?  I guess to me the point is to remind myself to look for details, the interesting in the ordinary.


Don’t skip the small parts while moving through.





3 thoughts on “Plain Geometry (The Simple Intrigue of Shapes)

  1. Pam says:

    Very interesting and you are on the right track, there are a lot of interesting ordinary things, and ordinary people . Pam

  2. bcwheat08 says:

    Now you’re getting into one of my favorite territories, only difference is I like black and white. I know you are out early, (tip) revisit the spider web (think it is an Orb’s) when the sun is low in the east and it is covered with dew.
    You do a heck of a lot better job with the musings than I ever did, though.

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