A Wedding by the River

One of our resolutions this summer was to do  a few more side trips away from the Sea Ranch.  To that end, on June 27th we  braved the four and a half hour drive over narrow one-lane roads and the blistering heat of inland CA to attend the wedding of Jerry’s best friend, Bryan’s, eldest son.

Seamus and Angela
Jerry and his buddy Bryan
Jerry and his buddy Bryan

The wedding was at a lovely resort along Butte Creek in Centerville, CA .  Being near the water kept the temperatures feeling much cooler than the 100 plus forecast.

Rock gardens and flowers aplenty

I enjoyed the opportunity to try to capture candid photos  of people at this event,  always challenging in a formal group setting.

Father of the bride

We met one of Seamus’ celebrity friends,  the  current U.S. record holder  for the Women’s 50 meter free-style.  I would have guessed “swimmer” as soon as I saw this woman’s linebacker-like shoulders and  zero body fat.  There is a lot to be said for swimming .

Accomplished swimmers all (the record holder is to the far right)

A unique feature of this wedding was the optional wildlife museum tour in the middle of the festivities.

Party animals of a different sort…

The trip was a success and Jerry and I took our time coming and going to Chico, stopping off in Boonville on the way there for a little hair styling for Jerry…

Don’t let the hair fool you. He still can’t speak Boontling (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boontling).

On the way home we took in the southern route around Clear Lake for a taste of small town pre-Fourth of July at Lakeport, CA.

Lakeport, CA pop. 4,695.
Clear Lake moment

We arrived home at the Sea Ranch Monday evening to find it cooler by 40 degrees, a not unusual contrast to inland temperatures.

Back to the cool cool coast…






3 thoughts on “A Wedding by the River

  1. Terry Mackin says:


    It’s always great to hear from you and see your pictures! I was just telling someone about Sea Ranch today at lunch. What a beautiful place! The only reason to leave is to learn again upon your return why it is so peaceful!


  2. Barbara J. Savery says:

    Thanks, Peg. Enjoy your coastal weather. It was in the 50-60 range in Carmel. I came home to triple digits plus, and got a cold, probably from the severe changes in temperature. Still say that if I ever hit the lottery, I will move to Pt. Reyes. I just love that area. xo Barb

  3. bcwheat08 says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey, the “Clear Lake Moment” was gorgeous. From much further inland, alas the Mississippi offers none of the heat relief of Butte Creek. Having never heard of either Boonville, CA, (I’m not far from Boonville, MO) or Boontling, I am, thankfully, now much less of a “back-dated chuck”. Tell Jerry the cap is “HIM”!!


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