What we need now is an emotional Sherpa

This has been a difficult week. Pongo is in the emergency care vet clinic in Santa Rosa where she has been since Wednesday due to what we are now told is a tick borne disease. They can treat the disease if she would just stop bleeding internally.

Pongo the beach dog.


Jerry’s son, Jerry Jr. was also in for a lung biopsy in Austin, TX this week and will hear results later in the week. He is afraid he has lung damage from mold which, depending on the type, is quite destructive.

Hold that peaceful moment close

Jerry Sr. (my Jerry) goes in for an MRI at the SFO VA hospital this Wednesday. I guess they think his tinnitus in one ear can be caused by a brain tumor (benign we hope if one does exist).

The circle of life is not always pretty


One spot of good news. I lost my phone in a theater the day we dropped Pongo off but, with the combination of good labeling, “where’s my phone app” and an honest janitor, it was found the next morning. This was a  new acquisition and my first time with a first generation phone (I usually just get Jerry’s hand-me-downs), so I was beating myself up pretty good before it was found

Don’t be so crabby!


I am using my daily walks as therapy now.  I have timed each of the longer beaches and know how many back and forths equal roughly six miles. There is always something new to see as the tides wipe the slate clean every few hours.

Every beach is a new beach


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  1. bcwheat08 says:

    Lots of emotional baggage to tote, indeed. Hoping for minimums or nothings-at-all, SOON—Bill

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