…he will hear a sound through the gathering dark, a little dog angel’s bark. Noah M. Holland


Pongo RIP, August 5, 2014. Our little snarky angel.


We lost Pongo several weeks ago from massive internal bleeding caused by tick borne pathogens.  We  had to put her down August 5th and were both left bereft at her absence.


A Beach No Longer Walked

I thought we might be better  off trying to fill the vacant space in our lives with a new focus and went online to check out dogs for adoption, particularly Chinese Cresteds.  I quickly found the freckled belly of a dog that seemed a little like Pongo.  Her name was Lilly and she resided with a foster Mom in Fresno.

Jerry and Earle at the Fresno ACT shelter

While Jerry was leaning more toward adopting a different breed of dog than Pongo, I was rather fond of our Pongo’s size and some of her less snarky attributes and thought we might find a similar loving dog by staying within the breed while being realistic that we could never find her clone.


Just say no to cigar smoking dogs

We were approved as new parents for Lilly who although touted as a Powderpuff Chinese Crested, seems more West Highland Terrier around the ears.  Perhaps a future DNA  test will sort that out (although  these tests almost always return with some “German Shepherd” in the lineage which says something about that breed doesn’t it?).

Miss Lilly, soon to become Smidgen

So now in addition to walking the beaches I have to acclimate a new dog who is pretty scared of everything.

Late Saturday afternoon on the snake trail headed home

Yuma and Smidgen are relating well,  although Yuma at first mistook her for Pongo and  seemed rather saddened to see it wasn’t her old nemesis finally returned.  On the other hand Smidgen  is much friendlier toward Yuma from the onset so maybe they  can become playmates.

Trying to turn a sunset into a sunrise






9 thoughts on “…he will hear a sound through the gathering dark, a little dog angel’s bark. Noah M. Holland

  1. karlinsorenson says:

    Best of luck with your new addition, so glad you were able to make a home for another creature in need of one. Lucky dog, lucky you guys.

  2. Joanna Voisine says:

    Our condolences to you. I know how painful the death of a beloved pet can be.. We are happy you rescued another little sweetheart to shower with your love. Joan and Joe

  3. Denise Dickson says:

    So sorry to hear about Pongo. Smidgen is very cute and lucky to have a home with you an Jerry. Looking forward to meeting Smidgen.


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