It’s always “right now”….from the movie Boyhood

Earlier this summer we had the opportunity to enjoy the Richard Linklater movie, Boyhood, filmed over 12 years with the same cast.  One of the great lines of the movie, one that may resonate with those of us of a certain age, was when Patricia Arquette, pondering her life in its entirety, says wistfully, “I thought there’d be more”.

A misty morning on the Sea Ranch

It brought to mind some  disappointments I have reflected on in recent years, many of which have their source in unrealistic expectations I had for myself and others, such as…

When I retire I will have lots of time to do all the things I said I didn’t have time to do before I retired.

As I and those around me age we will mellow and mature with age so that we are better able to engage in activities and  intellectual discourse without all the distraction of petty personality conflicts and power struggles that seemed to exist in the corporate world.

I will develop closer relationships with my friends and family knowing we are all statistically closer to death.

You get the gist…

A bridge to the Gualala River campground


One of the joys I didn’t underestimate about growing older was how much I enjoy having the time and freedom to set my own schedule (if I don’t over commit to others).  This allows me the ability to take off early on a hike with the dog without being too concerned when I return.  Smidgen and I enjoyed just such a walk yesterday on mostly empty trails now that the  summer crowds have left the coast.

October morning with breakers

This week we got Smidgen’s DNA results and learned that she is derived from rat terrier/Pekingese blood lines.  Of course they can’t say how much of each, just generally what shows up the most.  We suspected some sort of terrier given she runs with her nose to the ground constantly, but the silly Pekingese presence was a surprise.  Apparently there was no evidence of the  “powder puff Chinese Crested” she was supposed to be.  She is proving a great hiking companion, keeping up with both pace and endurance and with a lot less distraction of the  alpha dog activity that Pongo used to engage in (translated:  stopping to pee every bush).

Smidgen, October 2014

This week we finally mustered up the willingness to  sprinkle some of  Pongo’s ashes near her favorite Sea Ranch places.  The most meaningful was on Walk on Beach where she loved to play crazy dog racing through the sand in large circles.

Pongo at her crazy dog best


Pongo heading out to play on many beaches.

Jerry and I are in the last stages of wrapping up our Sea Ranch stay and will head back to Tucson in early November.  We are still hoping to get the  tree removal guy scheduled before we leave.  The inability to get contractors to do anything on any sort of schedule is very frustrating here.

Jerry has just about finished with our sole successful project this summer, the redo of the downstairs guest room floor.  He took this on when we didn’t get a call back from the floor contractor.  The room looks great and feels so much fresher without the presence of the  musty old carpet


Downstairs guest room sans windowseat and old carpet.

Next weekend we will take part in the portrait project a friend is helping coordinate here.  You pay to have your portrait done then local artists may choose among all portraits to translate them into their medium.  The finished results will be auctioned next May.  I may opt for just Jerry and Smidgen to pose since I think they would be the most photogenic.

A beautiful October afternoon on the coast

It is raining now but we have enjoyed spectacular sunny, warm days in October.  We welcome the much-needed rain but appreciate the nice weather we have had that allows us to spend more time outdoors.





3 thoughts on “It’s always “right now”….from the movie Boyhood

  1. says:

    Wonderful blog, Peg. A lot of what you have said here does resonate loud and clear. Beautiful pictures – makes me very homesick for TSR. It was to be my place but, as you know, things happen very quickly and unhappily at times. Jerry did a fantastic job on your guest room – he always does a good job.

  2. Charli Jackson says:

    Peg, I love your posts. This one was especially nice. Looking forward to your return to the Brooke. Charli

  3. bcwheat08 says:

    I’m still trying to decide, as the years pass, whether it is my awareness that is changing or if people are just…people.

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