Tales from the Jogging Sparrow

We haven’t been up to much for fun lately but finally did something that could serve as the basis for a blog update.


We were feeling the need for a fantasy fix and an opportunity to practice some photography, so  Jerry and I headed off to Gold Canyon on President’s Day to sample the Arizona version of a Renaissance Faire.

Royalty on parade

I had not been to this particular Renaissance production and was  not disappointed.  The day was sunny,  in the low seventies, rather than sweltering or raining and the setting was quite authentic seeming.  Of course the people watching was  superb.

A couple of eager participants fully dressed the part.

Among the many unique concessions we found an ear merchant. I encouraged Jerry to buy a set of ears that would match our dog, Smidgen’s, but he demurred.

Who can argue with ears like these? They help hold your hat on.

On the other hand, he was game for sampling the definitive Renaissance fare, the roasted turkey leg, and playing the cooperative buffoon when called upon to do so.

I think maybe the cowboy hat loses something in translation.

I did my small part as well.

IMG_6197 2
Monkey see and monkey doo…

This day was to have been  an inaugural outing for Jerry’s new Nikon camera, but he had put it in a “safe place” which I have cautioned him never to do at our advanced age (unless leaving a clear road map), so it could not be found when the time came to depart.  He did fine using one of my back ups however, and we did not let this set back defeat us which I attribute to much deep breathing and refocusing learned in our Mind-Body sessions at the VA.

This is Jerry’s version of Jack Sparrow, the infamous Johnny Depp character.

What have you done with my parrot?

Although we were photographing in the same proximity, we each had a different view, often on the same subject.

Jerry’s photo of a dramatic thingee
IMG_4537 2
Peg’s version of the same thingee

Some people take modern liberties with their costuming.  Overall overall the entire experience is quite a hoot.

I sense a new Renaissance fan in the offing.

Participating in the dramatic costuming has to be at least half the fun for attendees so next time we go we will make more of an effort to blend in.

IMG_4704IMG_4533IMG_4529 2IMG_4522IMG_4600