The lizards are not yet sweating in Tucson

The lizards are not yet sweating in Tucson so maybe it is too early to leave, but our migratory urges have us packing anyway.  What is it about simplifying this relocating process that we refuse to grasp?  I ask myself this as I slip in one more book on social media, add one more art print that would “look perfect at the Smiling Fox”, and bemoan  the freezer’s  not yet cooked down even though it feels like we eaten “funny food” for weeks..


Our garden is at its best now as if to taunt us for our transitory fickleness.  We never witness its peak anymore, leaving that pleasure to the four-footed beasts  that inhabit the desert around us..


I admit that walking in the desert on these soft, perfumed, spring mornings makes me reconsider the pleasures of desert living, but not enough to totally ignore the beckoning waves calling us north.


We had a minor thunderstorm the other evening, a wonderful precursor to the dramatic monsoon season, but have otherwise seen a very temperate April.  That said, we know from experience that such gentle weather is simply the siren song Mother Nature sings, luring us to let our guard down while she warms up her oven.


I hope to do better this summer in accomplishing the many goals I have set for myself.  I am no longer naive enough to think that being in a remote coastal location, away from civilization’s many superficial distractions, will somehow magically free up an endless source of  time, enthusiasm and determination that it will take to do it all, nonetheless, this could be the year I prove my diminished expectations wrong.



4 thoughts on “The lizards are not yet sweating in Tucson

  1. Peggy Ogier says:

    We will be leaving soon for the shores of Holden Beach, NC — something about water, waves, sand, shells washing the beach in the early morning while walking with fresh brewed coffee and enjoying the quiet

  2. Robert Hodam says:

    Beautiful pictures!! I love the high desert. I lived near Tucson for a year, skied on Mt Lemon, spent long days exploring caves, old Indian camps, collecting fossils and bones, and just sitting alone watching the lightening.

  3. bcwheat08 says:

    Ah, but lizard sweat is so much less offensive than rattlesnake sweat (said the central Texas country kid). Fabulous garden!! I vote for the oven as motivation over the siren song of the waves. Great pics, AND text.

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