The Smiling Fox

Below you will see a smiling fox. Why is he smiling you ask? Because he snookered us into buying a house.

Is he smiling or is he snickering?

Over the 4th we toured a great number of open houses. We had seen this one on a listing but it was not open. Our friend/realtor, Christine, got the local broker to show us the house Monday. The fox trotted up the driveway while we were waiting for the “oh-so-late” broker to show. We figured it must be a good omen. Long story short, after much haggling counter offers, competitive bidding threats, we are in escrow. We will do inspections next week and close escrow shortly after if everything is in order.

Here she is in her glorious stand of Redwoods.

The house is sold virtually turn-key, which we hope will enable us to put it right back on the rental market until we are ready to occupy it. You can see a more thorough description of the house from a renter’s perspective at #239067. It is in the forest (not our first choice), but had nice light and such upside potential given a recent 46K price drop. It is 3 bedroom, 3 bath, plenty of room for visitors!

Here is an interior photo taken through a window (pardon the glare) featuring the kitchen/dining area.

For light freaks a forest setting is tricky, but this house has great windows.

The realtor representing the seller is a complete idiot, full of misrepresentations and misinformation, but Chris did a fine job as a non-local realtor, of cutting through the BS.

I can already see myself having coffee on the rear deck, watching the wildlife wander through the forest.

I’ll be there are lots of owls in these trees

Or, sitting by the fire on a rainy wintry day.

These rustic log rockers will not be staying with the house

So now, in the grand Schoenfelder tradition, it is someone else’s turn to shake up their lives. Bonnie bought a place in Saddlebrooke last year, Nancy moved to MN for a new Dean’s job this year. Any volunteers
for turbulence?

We now need to get Kris to move to her Sea Ranch house at least part-time so that we can vicariously enjoy the meadow views and beach access.


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  1. sharonfamilyhistory says:

    Looks absolutely marvelous….. but I hope this will only be your summer house. We would hate to loose you to the coast! We figured that a house in the mist was in you future, but now you have the beautiful forest, and the beach is not that far from any place in the community. Congratulations!

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